Audio Sermons

2019-2020 Audio

Series: Being Church When the Building is Empty
6/7/20   Not a Building, But a Way of Being  Acts 2:42-47
5/31/20  Happy Birthday, Where did You Go?  Acts 2:1-21

5/17/20  No Time for the Old Time Religion  Acts 17:22-31  Theme: How to be a CHRISTian in the time of COVID-19 when church has left the building.

5/10/20   Glory to God  John 14: 1-14   Theme: Giving glory to God is not passive but calls us to act- to do the work of Jesus Christ.
5/3/20   Not a Building, But a Way of Being   Acts 2:42-47
4/26/20  On the Road with Jesus   Luke 24:13-35   Theme: When our gathering around the table is limited, by social distancing, let us continue to acknowledge the presence of Christ.
4/19/20  Bodies Matter  John 20:19-31   Theme: Jesus Christ was God made flesh. He came back to life in the flesh and we are called to be the body of Christ today.
Series: Come Follow Me: A Journey of Discipleship
4/5/20   Parade to Passion   Matthew 21:1-11, Isaiah 50:4-9
3/29/20   What Kind of Man is This?   Matthew 8:14-27
3/22/20   Journey Inward, Journey Outward   Matthew 6:1-18
3/1/20   Lent: The Journey Begins   Romans 6:1-18
Series: The Hard Sayings of Jesus
2/23/20   Mustard Seeds and Mountains   Matthew 17:14-21
2/16/20   You Call That a Blessing?   Luke 6:17-26
2/2/20   Nothing Less Than Perfection   Matthew 5:43-48
Common Lectionary
1/26/20  Guest Speaker Becky Downey  Are You Present?   Psalm 46:7-11, John 4:20-24
1/19/20   A Calling is a Funny Thing   John 1:29-42
1/12/20   Declaring a New Thing   Isaiah 42:1-5, Matthew 3:3-17
1/5/20   A Brief History of Not Quite Everything   John 1:1-18
Series:  Sharing the Promise of Advent
12/22/19   The Promise of Salvation   Matthew 1:18-25
12/8/20   Sharing the Experience   Matthew 18:3, 19:14
12/1/19   The Promise of Light in the Darkness   Romans 13:11-14
Revised Common Lectionary
11/17/19   Beyond Temples & Towers   Luke 21:5-19
11/10/19   Living in Interesting Times  Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4
11/3/19   The Riches of a Glorious Inheritance  Ephesians 1:11-23
Series:  Forward in Faith: Exploring Stewardship with the Saints
10/27/19   St. Luke: The Way of Generosity  Luke 19:1-10
10/20/19   Mary McLeod Bethune: The Way of Authority  James 2:1-9
10/13/19   Sarah Crosby: An Exceptional Call  Acts 11:1-3, 6-19
10/6/19   John Wesley: Grace and Gratitude  1 Timothy 6:6-19