THE HARRISONBURG FRIENDS OF BARNABAS TEAM’s trip to Honduras for 2023 is scheduled for September 23 – 30, 2023.  Contact Gary Lucas at 540-430-7863 or if you are interested in being a part of this team.  The team is in need of members.  The team would like to say “Thanks” for all of the support that has been offered in the past to help raise funds for our medical supplies.  The 2023 team is currently raising funds for the medical supplies they will take to Honduras.  One way to get involved with fund raising is by helping sell Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  Pick up an order form at church (beginning August 6th) and return your sales and money back by Sunday August 27th.  The doughnuts will be available for pickup on September 9th at our blood drive. 
September 9th, at the blood drive, there will be a bake sale with all proceeds to help the Honduras team. Donating to this bake sale is another way to get involved.  THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!
What does an FoB (Friends of Barnabas) medical mission team do?
Deliver medical care to children and their families in the mountains of Honduras.
Where is Honduras?
In Latin America, bordered by Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.  Seven or eight hours away by plane.
What’s the weather like?
Hot mostly, and muggy.  But in the mountains it can be quite pleasant, especially with an evening breeze.
Why should I go?
Lots of reasons … maybe God is calling you to have an adventure, to change the life of a child, to change your own life!
How much does it cost?
Each team member is asked to raise about $2,000, which can be accomplished by asking friends and family for financial support.  
What’s a typical day like?
Wake up early, eat a delicious breakfast, bus ride into the mountains.  Set up clinics, see patients for 6-8 hours with a break for lunch.  Bus ride back, showers, dinner, devotions, free time.  Most of us go to bed early because we’re worn out!  Sunday and Saturday are play days with trips to the waterfall, the beach, or other fun Honduras sites.
Do I need a medical degree?
No!  Besides doctors, nurses, dentists, PAs, and eye care experts, we also need Spanish translators and non-medical lay people to make the trip successful.
Is it safe?
Mostly.  Honduras is a violent place, so precautions are taken for the team’s safety.  The mission trips are as safe as we can make them.  But of course there are risks, just like Jesus said there would be if we follow him!  
How’s the food?
Amazingly good!  You’ll eat like a king (or queen) for the week.  authentic Honduran food at every meal:  fried fish, chicken, beans and rice, fresh veggies, hand rolled tortillas, perfectly ripe fruit and lots of good desserts like flan, rice pudding and bananas foster.
What if I can’t go to Honduras?
You can still participate!  We need people to pray, give and go.  Pray for the mountain medical teams, for the people we serve, for the FoB leadership, and for the presence of Christ to be revealed in Honduras.  You can also support our work through financial giving. 
How can I learn more?
Talk to Gary Lucas or visit the Fob website at
From the FoB website:
“Improving the lives of impoverished children in Honduras by providing high quality sustainable medical care and enabling communities to become self-sufficient through health related training and education.