Our goal is to support and encourage women of all ages in building their relationship with Jesus Christ through spiritual growth, fellowship and missions by providing programs and events which create a safe and relaxing atmosphere that encourages women to be all God intended them to be.

Fellowship: Provide creative and supportive fellowships to allow women of all ages to develop new friendships and strengthen existing ones. Missions: Encourage women to take what they have learned through God’s word and use their time and talents to reach out to people in our church, our community and our world.




OUR FIRST SEW-A-THON, Saturday, March 7, 2014 was a great success and we will contunue! We partner with the Friends of Barnabas to sew reusable, cloth, washable postpartum pads to be distributed to the women of Honduras via the FoB midwives. We have sent reusable, washable, cloth sanitary napkins as well. We have set up the Fellowship Hall as an assembly line with stations for various different stages. There are sewing machines, cutting stations, quality assurance, clean-up construction crew, packaging, etc. Since we have made it a shift event, it has opened the door for more people to participate and it has kept fresh women at each station. We call it woman to woman because lets face it, this is totally not a subject for men. This also is a multi-community event. So it has brought people from various different church communities to Bethany. Future dates are scheduled for more Sew-A-Thons!! Sewing skills not needed! Thank-you for joining us as we continue our effort to benefit the women of Honduras!


I am very excited to announce that Hannah Rowan, Laura Lucas and Doreen Devore have joined the leadership team of this mission. We met over the weekend to discuss the future of this mission and established new goals. We have restructured the mission in the hopes of giving more people an opportunity to participate.
We no longer need donations of fabric at this point. I want to thank everyone who has donated. Your donations put us in great shape for the next few months. What we are in need of is cutters. We are looking for people who are willing to take fabric and cut it. If you have a small group, life group, circle or Sunday school that would like a mission project, or if you want to help out in your spare time, please let Hannah, Laura, Doreen or me know. We are putting together fabric and patterns to be handed out to all interested.
Thank you for your continued support of this mission. If you have questions, please let one of us know.
In Christ,Dani Martlock,http://danimartlock@gmail.com.

Our next Sew-A-Thon will be held on Saturday, Feb. 16 from 10 am – 2 pm at Asbury United Methodist Church in Harrisonburg!

Please notify Laura Lucas at lauravlucas4@gmail.com if you plan to attend!


Our mission project in past years was to sew dresses for “Dress A Girl Around the World.” These are simple sundresses were made in little over an hour. They were shipped around the world and given to little girls who have never owned a dress before. Can you imagine the delight of a little girl receiving a brand new brightly colored dress that is all her own? It was a great satisfying project!!

  Check out the dresses Bethany made for “Dress a Girl Around the World!” Please join us!