We Are Stewards

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Every year Bethany invests tens of thousands of dollars in missions near and far:

Feeding our food pantry neighbors right here in the Valley.

Repairing homes on our regional youth and adult mission trips

Offering free medical care to the children of Honduras through the Friends of Barnabas.

We also give financially to other mission efforts in our community, including Young Life, Weekday Religious Education, Valley Mission, RISE Harrisonburg, and Kingsway Ministries, to name a few

Part of our service to God and our neighbors includes financial giving. We serve not only with our time and our talents, but also our treasure. This is what we call stewardship. We are stewards and caretakers of everything God has given us, and therefore we share these blessings with others.



Thank you for your generosity in giving to the work of God

through Bethany United Methodist Church.